Christmas tree lighting at the Driskill Hotel 12/1/11 Christmas tree lighting at the Driskill Hotel 12/1/11 Dale Watson and bassist Chris Crepps were rocking around the Driskill Christmas tree. 143987025 Teen fiddler Ruby Jane entertained the crowd in the Driskill's lobby. 143987026 Singer/songwriter Tje Austin (remember him from 'The Voice'?) followed Dale Watson in the Driskill's lounge. 143987030 Dale Watson and songstress Erin Ivey, who also played in the lounge. 143987028 What the well-dressed bass will be wearing this holiday season. 143987031 Chris Crepps on bass 143987035 Faces in the Crowd The fabulous Patricia Vonne came by to enjoy the festivities. 143987032 It was also the Driskill's 125th birthday, so there were plenty of presents. Not really. That's actually a cake! Bravo Driskill bakers! 143987029 Just some of the delectable treats the Driskill staff set out for the public. 143987027 Faces in the Crowd Austinite Rene O'Carolan came by for the great music and her first Driskill tree lighting. Rene's parents used to hang out with Johnny Cash at Cantu's in San Antonio. 143987024